Beneath the waves

by Floodline

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Floodline's latest album "Beneath The Waves", includes 11 full length tracks. The music is heavier and more progressive overall, and was written with a straight forward and focused approach as apposed to their first album. Other musicians have participated on “Beneath the waves” on a guest musician basis, Randy George who plays with neal morse and Mike portnoy of Dream Theater, Plays keyboards on “Beneath the waves”. This album's message is illustrated perfectly in the phenomenally expressive style of prog art genius Ed Unitsky. It is again somewhat of a concept, as was the first Floodline album “Passage to dawn” . it tells a story of soaring hope arising from the mire of deep disparity. The themes of each song do vary, but they, as do all Floodline songs, display a very positive attitude within the meaning. "There is way to much negativity around us, so we like to keep things positive. Even when all looks bleak, you can still find a light at the end of the tunnel and a silver lining along the edge of the darkest clouds. We want listeners to be uplifted by our music, and writing positive lyrics is one way that we try to do that."


released April 20, 2009



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Floodline Spokane, Washington

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Track Name: Show me the way
I am torn in two
Don’t know what to do
Which way should I go
The truth I must know
Feeling insecure
I see nothing pure
I need something new
I need something true
I’m going under
My truth uncovered
Feels like forever
When will I get there
Breaking into conscience to find meaning
Broken between two worlds fading wondering
Something beyond our lives is much greater
Hoping it all will work out in the end
Show me the way I have fallen astray
Lead me to better days
As I walk on the road is long
But at the end my broken soul will mend
I shed my skin
I’m free of sin
Walk on my way
And no one can take that away
When will we come to know ourselves
When will we know
Hiding between the sands of time
The answer to it all
I’m digging deeper and deeper
Trying to find myself
I’m trying harder and harder
To reach the core
These feelings will not leave
I can’t look away
I will not rest until
I find my way home
Why am I here in this cold world
What have we done
We’ve become numb
Loosing my way
I can’t explain which way to go
I just don’t know
Coming up for air is harder than before
When everything’s been taken
And still we’re taking more
Show me the way out
Show me the way back home
Track Name: Innocense Lost
Memories come flood my mind
Reminding me of better times
When everything seemed alright
When everything was not a fight
The innocence is lost
At any cost
Do you remember how simple
Life used to be
Children playing laughing for free
Now to smile they gladly pay a fee
We decide to let it go
Oh no
For reasons why I don’t know
Oh no
We let it go
The innocence is gone
No longer here
Now there’s more to lose
More to fear
Unless we learn to let this go
This haunting emptiness will grow
Changing all that that’s high to low
The tides are turning I know
The days are falling to darkness
The color’s fading to grey
Leaving nothing but ashes
It feeds on my soul
We’re losing control
Take hold of our fate
Before it’s too late
Waste away in the stillness of the night
Hypnotized by the blinding light
Starring into the mirror with dead cold eyes
They’re trying to take me away
The world is getting colder now
We need to find our way somehow
Locked away from the love
You could have had
Killing time on pointless games
Trade your soul for empty promises
Loosing sight of what is real
They’re trying to take me away
They’re trying to take our innocence
Track Name: Cross the line
The tables have turned
The currents going under
The battles begun
It’s too late to turn back
We’re heading down a one way street
Straight ahead in one direction
We’re leaving all the days behind
And moving on into forever
I try and tell myself live in the here and now
Don’t dwell on yesterday
Be happy with today
Life is too short and we’re not getting any younger
The times here and now
So make the most of what we have
The more you live and learn
The closer you become
To finding peace of mind
One day you’ll cross that line
You’ll cross that line
Track Name: Sink or Swim
You are fading from my eyes
I’m losing my direction
And here we go again
Into the darkness
We’re leaving behind
All that we are
This allusion feels so real
The walls are closing into me
The seclusion breaks the seal
There’s no more room for mourning
The time is standing still
The light is faint and dim
I try to walk away
It’s either sink or swim
After the voices become silent
After the rain has come and gone
When all you have had washed away
There is a way to carry on
Until we reach our destination
We must be brave we must be strong
Believe in me I will not fail you
I won’t give up I’m holding on
I’m holding on
Track Name: Rhythm of the Sea
I want to go with the flow
Down through the undertow
I want to let my spirit fly
And let all my fears die
I want to run with the wind
And let go until the end
I want to feel everything
So that my heart will sing
I want to lay my burdens down
And turn my life around
I want to set my demons free
Into the rhythm of the sea
As I am letting go of the things
That complicate my day
I start to realize
It’s much easier this way
Lift the curtain so I might see
Lift the veil that’s blinding me
Help me learn to let things go
Before they build before they grow
Live in the moment live
For tomorrow may not come
Take, take all that you need
And leave behind yesterday
Rain, let the rain pour down on me
Cleanse, let it cleanse my wounds
The view from here
Is getting clearer
The air I breathe is no longer thin
The sun is rising
On the horizon
The passage to dawn
Is where I begin
I’m thankful for what I have
The sun is shining and I’m alive
The road back home is getting closer
And what I fear has gone away
Track Name: At any Cost
They’ve come to tear down our little world
They’re trying to come between you and me
They’re tempting us to form and follow
With promises that end up hollow
Would you sell your soul
Just how far are we willing to go
Sacrifice our life for the money flow
Is it really worth all the blood and sweat
When in the end tears are all you’ll get
Striving hard to make a dollar
With your brand new suit
And buttoned collar
Try your luck in the Wall Street game
From the view up here it’s all the same
Would you sell your soul
Just to get control
Driven by greed and lust
Your ego grows
Your soul starts to rust
If you had listened to the voice within
Who’s telling you you can never win
No you’ll never win
Track Name: Search for Reason
Lost in this cluttered world
Blinded from the truth
Can’t see beyond ourselves
Can’t see the light
I see the blind lead the blind
And they search but never find
Why are we here where are we going
When did this all begin
I believe there is a reason why we are here
I believe we are blinded by our fear
Lead me into your garden
Take me away from here
Help me to find the answer
Help me lose this fear
Of never knowing the truth
Is this all a waste of time
Free me of this burden
That weighs upon my mind
I’m looking for an answer
I’m waiting for a sign
I’m searching for the meaning
I need to know why
Waiting waiting
It seems like forever
To reach the light
Sometimes it seems so hopeless
Out of sight out of mind
I keep searching but cannot find
My way out of here
Into the light
Take my hand
Take me away from here
To the Promised Land
Let go of all your fear
We are not alone
You are not the only one
Who feels this way
There are many more
Who can’t find their way
They have fallen and given up
Help them to find their way
Help them to find salvation
So they can live again
I am holding on
I’m not letting go of you
Tear down the walls
Let the light in
I want to feel this
I want to know you are here
I know this is real
Fill this emptiness take away my despair
Fill my doubts with faith and wisdom
Let me know you will always be there
And never lead me astray
Track Name: Surrender
I’m giving in I’m giving in
There’s no way there’s no way
That we can win
Come inside look around
Can you hear me
Waiting here for so long
Know me
Trying to follow through
Will you give me
Reasons why in the end
We get nothing
Its coming its coming
The end is near
I feel it I feel it
I feel the fear
I’m sinking I’m sinking
Into the ground
Would you give it up
Would you give up everything
Just to watch it fall
Just to watch it fall away, no
I’m ready I’m ready
I’m ready now
So take me and use me
And show me how
I’m willing I’m willing
To stand and fight
To take hold of our fate
And do what’s right
I’m waiting and waiting
For way too long
So dive in and take it
Before it’s gone
When the rain comes
When it’s pouring down on you
Take it all in
Don’t waste the day
Listen closely
Do you hear the sound
It’s all around us
Silence rings out loud
When we‘re looking back on our lives
Does a question come to mind
Could we have done anymore
It’s too late to rewind
Track Name: Far Apart
On my way to meet the sky
I’ve been waiting here so long
A familiar voice I hear
Calling me in closer
Lay down your guns
Lay down your guard
There’s no need to run anymore
You are what I have been looking for
Come inside don’t be afraid
Rest your weary eyes
Forget the things that way your mind
Let your spirits rise
I was always there for you
I’ve been there from the start
But you chose to walk the other way
Leaving us far apart
Giving into temptation
Takes me further from you
Falling away from salvation
Tell me what I should do
I’ve always wanted to know you
But you seemed so out of reach
Other’s tell me you’re not true
They should practice what they preach
Rise let your spirit rise
In my darkest hour
When I’ve lost the will to go on
Will you lift me up
When it seems all hope is gone
Track Name: Constant Flow
Seasons come seasons go
Bringing change to the constant flow
One day alive the next day we’re gone
Always in constant motion moving on and on
Out with the old in with the new
The ones that prevail
Are the privileged few
Everything is a piece in the puzzle
Everything has a purpose
Fill in the gaps the empty spaces
Leaving a mark
Leaving a trace
The world takes shape
The stars are falling
From the dawn you can hear
Them calling your name
Closer clearer nearer
Before the awakening
The core was shaking
This need kept on growing
With time never knowing
When it would flow
When this structure will blow
For reasons beyond our control
It’s inevitable
Echoes from the past
Will forever last
The shifting sands of time are infinite
Water falls down the mountain side
Giving life to the ones who have died
The ones who have died
See the miracles of life reinventing itself
Catch a glimpse of creation
We’re all links in the chain reaction
Playing our roles we all fill the holes
One by one we fill in the blanks
The story’s written by everything
As we’re moved by the wind
No matter what the color of your skin
To our final destination
It’s all the same in the end