Passage to Dawn

by Floodline

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released May 7, 2006



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Floodline Spokane, Washington

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Track Name: Timelines
Running to the end
Striving so hard for the future
Runng out of time
A generation that is frozen
Like the running sands
Into your hands and out again
Family is second hand
All the pain in this game of wasting time
Why do we go so fast
What do we hope to gain at the end
What are you running for
The lonliness will fade away
No time for love
No time for life
No time to tell just who you are
It's all so easy to see
No time for me
No time for you
Take the time to know just who you are
The answers right at your feet
The answer, Remember, The Splendor, Surrender
I have to take a chance to make the most of myself
I have to kill my dreams to live this life of comfort
Breaking down my life to find where I went wrong
Open up your eyes, you' ve been gone far too long
Falling away, Wasting today
Hoping someway to live for today
We are feeding on ourselves everyday
Running in our endless circles
Lying to ourselves, we are hiding
Priority you are fighting
Protect your life from the jaded hollow
That is your soul
Interject integrity into your actions
Seek the truth and you will know
Where you will start from
Memories encased in time, in the past
And where you want to be
Don't hesitate its not too late
Live for today its not too late
Set me free from all of this greed
Rescue me, it's just a game
Leave me be
I won't let you in
Can't you see your heart leads the way
Looking too far ahead
Searching for the way out
Finding out it's an endless game
Track Name: Set Me Free
Turning away
With pride overcoming
Aspirations aloft
With a greed overwhelming
I turn my eyes
From a scene so disgusting
That a handful of talent
throws its heart away
Are they blind to the things that they've become
Exploiting images of pain
Someday Karma will reveal their bitter lies
Till then we can only pray
I pray for a righteous becoming
I pray for the truth overwhelming
I'm on my way
A way to a higher perspective
On my way
To a place I can no longer live
I take it on myself
To understand the atrocity
So I can be myself
Around people who are fake to me
Why do I feel so alone
The media tells us who we all should be
Why do they all seem like a clone
They could be anything they wanted to be
Drowning, I'm sinking
Wasteful world of art
We're going in circles
It's all falling apart
Set me free
From all of this greed
Rescue me
It's just a game
Leave me be
I won't let you in
Can't you see
Your heart leads the way
Think for yourself
Don't let them lead you
Know the truth
Don't let them blind you
I'm wasting my energy
You people will never see
This burden it weighs on me
I can't let it go
Behind the lies I see the light
Behind the mask I see it all
This overwhelming sense of emptiness
This undying passion will not fall
Set me free from all I see
I walk to my own song
Set me free from this greed
I walk to my own song
I'm fading out to nowhere
Left on my own
Running away
From the lies you are telling
Good intentions are lost
And your soul you are selling
It burns my eyes
It's all overbearing
That a world of potential
Throws its heart away
Take it away
Take it away
Track Name: Inside
Track Name: Pages of My Mind
Burning the empty pages of my mind
Random flash of anger
Leaving it all behind
Pouring out of my soul
I have left my footprint
Now you can see it all
I stand alone once again
Bleeding pain through a pen
I’m trying to find the reasons why
The more things change
The more they stay the same
Our promises have turned into lies
All this baggage has made us blind
The more you carry in
The more you leave behind
Wash away this life of pain
And find a place to start again
There has to be a better way
A clearer path, a brighter day
I had a dream that people were mindful
But the lies they tell
And the trust that is shattered
Conscience full of guilt
Forcing your soul to wilt
What do you hide under
The mask you show to everyone
Show yourself to us all
You’re in the corner
Your back’s against the wall
Do you know who you are
I listen so intently
Set up for the fall
Here we go once again
Heading towards a bitter end
Trying to find the reasons why
The more you sin
The more you lose your mind
Our happiness has turned into cries
All the trust I once knew has died
The more you try to give
The more peace you will find
Revile yourself
Your conscience is waiting for you
Underneath it all
You must feel so small
Underneath it all
Under anger
Track Name: Future Lost
We have forgotten just why we are here
What should be clear as day is blinded by fear
We’re all afraid to be who we really are
I can’t believe we’ve even made it this far
We have forsaken our god
We have abandoned ourselves
Lost children on their own
From the cradle to the grave
Left all alone till the end of time
Never really knowing what’s real we are blind
Break it all down and tear it apart
It doesn’t matter we’re all the same
Distorted perspective of who we are
Diluted illusion of our existence
We need to step back and open our eyes
Inside is where you should open your mind
Locked in a mental cage
We misdirected our rage
Lost children ion a dream
And never knowing what we mean
Strife, this is my life
This is your soul spilling out
On the floor, can you take anymore
Strain, this is my pain
This is my boiling point spilling out
In your face, can you take the blame
Un-burry this truth
Un-burry these forgotten days
I look back to my youth
And day dream of a better way
You want to hear lies
You’ll get no compromise
I’ve fallen to my knees
I’m overcome with disbelief
Track Name: Outside
Track Name: Open My Eyes
Nothing I do seems to get through
What can I do to open your eyes
Feeling alone, empty at home
Minds monotone, no one to talk to
In my head I can remember what they said
Wholly rejected
Jealousy I always felt for them
Look at me
I can’t relate to all your hate
This is my fate, this is my calling
I walk alone
I won’t condone the hate you’ve shown
The hate you’re breeding
Just let me be
Just set me free
From all the lies that you are selling
I can’t go on singing this song
Thinking of you
It kills me inside
Open my eyes
Break down the walls to see
The truth inside your heart
I can’t carry on
I can’t carry on this way its killing me
Before, before its to late
I must find a way
To make you all see
The truth inside me
I can’t carry on
Feeling alone
I’m coming through
I will pursuer
I will stay true to my intentions
I’m moving on
I want to run into the sun
Into forever
Breaking the chains
Out of my shell
No more in hell
I find myself now
Under the haze
Out of the maze
On to new days
A new beginning
Track Name: Play the Game
Long, long, long life of pain
All of this I can’t contain
Searching for a way to relieve this strain
Wasting my life away all in vain
Misery, hate and blame
Just let go and play the game
Love, love has escaped from me
Loneliness waits for me
No chance of ever breaking free
Let me fall into a dream
Drifting away from the pain
Make all this hurt go away
Don’t let my will go astray
Long gone long life of pain
All of this I have contained
Found a way to shed my strain
Living my life away all in gain
Life of serenity I proclaim
Just let go and play the game
Track Name: Passage to Dawn